Here we are at the end of this wonderful week of meetings in Santo Domingo.
The mass was celebrated today by the father Mashtaki of Tanzania surrounded by his brothers priests.

The General Assembly continued with the various votes relating to the reports presented yesterday (Financial, Continental Coordinators and Executive Committee).

The election of Continental coordinators (held the day before, by continent) has been ratified (Europe, Latin America, English-speaking Africa and Asia)

The members of the new Executive Committee were elected:

  • Ms. Monique Bodhuin, President
  • Mr. Jaime Tamarit, Vice-president
  • Ms. Monique Ptak, Secretary
  • Mr. Christian Liebenguth, Treasurer

The International meeting ended with the intervention of the new President, Monique Bodhuin, who recalled the terms of her "leap of faith" for the next term.

The new President warmly thanked The people who contributed to the success of this beautiful encounter: Sister Nayda, Father Ramon Del Rosario, Ignace and the team of the Dominican Republic.
She thanked Marta Melo Antunes and the members of the previous Executive Committee for the work done and wished all the participants a good return to the country, before taking a meal shared with the members of a team of Vida Ascendente of the Dominican Republic.

We are preparing a more provided report which will appear in the next Bulletin of LAI and which, on the website, will be embellished with numerous photos of the event and videos shot during the sessions of this Assembly.