With grandchildren, to propose the treasure of faith

Their parents never talk to them about Jesus: an observation but sometimes also a suffering for many grandparents.

"Faith is not transmitted, it awakens through language, symbols.". Says a theologian (1). “Faith is of the order of a free, personal answer, one can only propose faith. But in an active and non-timid way, "says Father Jay (2).

How can we offer our grandchildren this treasure of faith?

Sometimes when the grandchildren stay at home with them, the grandparents take them to mass with them, others pray in the evening with them, while parents never talk to them about Jesus. Bold gesture, possible if the grandparents are in agreement with the parents for an awakening to the faith. Apostolic gesture that proceeds from the mission of the baptized – to be bearer of the message of Christ – and response to the urgency of a first announcement in our families with no connection with the Church.

Opportunities to talk about God

Grandparents can practice occasional catechesis from everyday situations. The stories, the biblical narratives of which the little ones are fond – Noah's Ark, David and Goliath, Jonah – can help them discover the laws of life and raise questions: responding to them provides an opportunity to talk about God.

When they are older, pictures on television, a family event – baptism of a cousin, illness or death of a loved one – can give rise to exchanges confronting them with the meaning of existence and to approach the question of transcendence. Stimulate the undeniable spiritual capacity of children by dialogue with them, simply and in truth: “Here is what I believe, that is what society says. What do you think? »

During a walk, marvel with the young, in front of a landscape, a flower, a butterfly and we can make them feel "God present in all creation..." »

Awakeners and Transmitters

Leaving guilt and lamentation, live, joyful and happy, the moments shared with our grandchildren: let this joy be the sign of Christ, source of our life.

May the catechetical occasions and our testimony of life be for the grandchildren, the beacons of a path that leads to God. Awakeners and transmitters, beautiful grand-parental specificity.

Let us also know how to rely on God; Let us make our the plea of Christ on the Cross: "Father, everything is possible to you"; a nun (3à thus comments these words: "Extreme word where the absolute of anxiety exactly coincides with the absolute of trust".

Monique Bodhuin

President of LAI

Extract from “Nouvel Essor”

  1. Christopher Asprey, theologian at the Catholic Institute of Paris
  2. Father Gérard Jay, family pastoral attendant in Nantes
  3. Marguerité Lena, religious of the Saint Francis Xavier Community

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