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The 9th international meeting, which is held on a statutory basis every four years, was held in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, and gathered about 40 national and intercontinental leaders around the executive board.

The theme of this meeting "Elders, actors of evangelization in a multigenerational and multicultural society" was chosen by the Steering Committee in session in Lisieux in May 2017

From one meeting to another, undeniably, there is a certain continuity: The Spirit is at work!

Invited to deepen our role as witnesses (2010 Witnesses in a world in crisis), to take up the challenges of a new civilization (2014 the elders in a changing world) we go one step further, being "actors of evangelization " we must act to share the treasure of faith, in ways that take into account the developments that have shaped a "multigenerational and multicultural society"..

This leading thread, our speakers, Mgr. Maupu, Professor Minaya, Mgr. Benito declined each according to his responsibility or his culture. This bulletin gives you back the essence of their message; I invite you to consult the site of LAI: their interventions are presented there in their entirety.              

The Pope keeps reminding us of the mission of evangelization that has been vested to us at our baptism: let us be "a Church on the way out", let us commit ourselves "so that the values of the Gospel penetrate the economic, social and political realities of our world "(EG 122). Isn't LAI this the path on which, in a certain number of countries, the elders engage, to "change the world"? In the speech of Dr. Scelzo, you will find a track for this transformation of the world: relaying, with ardor, the thought of Pope Francis, he invites us to change the way our contemporaries look at old age and to act so that older people have their full place in society and in the Church and become for them a moral and spiritual resource..

"Being evangelizing actors in our world... is to be convinced of the timeliness of the Gospel message for the world of today; let us, with the joy of the disciple and the apostle happy to collaborate in the work of the Master, report of the novelty of the Gospel, permanent and, I dare say, revolutionary. 


Monique Bodhuin