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Statutory General Assembly

of 22 November 2018


Reports 2014-2018


were presented successively and approved:

  • The reports of the Continental coordinators
  • The report of the Executive Committee
  • The financial report




  • Executive Committee

Were elected:

President: Mrs Monique BODHUIN (France)

Vice president: M. Jaime TAMARIT (Spain)

Treasurer: M. Christian LIEBENGUTH (Belgium)

Secretary: Mrs Monika PTAK (France)

Jean-Michel SIMEON is delegate for finance/accounting

And M. Christian LIEBENGUTH webmaster

  • Coordinators:


The Choice made by each continent have been ratified by the Assembly:

  • English-speaking Africa: Mr. Modest MAMBO (Tanzania)
  • Francophone Africa: post to be filled later
  • Latin America: Mrs. Susana ZONNI ECHENIQUE (Argentina)
  • Asia: Mr Abraham LEE (Taiwan)
  • Europe: Mrs Monika PTAK (France)


Membership fees:

In accordance with article 5.4 of the statutes, the General Assembly has set the amount of membership fees for the next two years:

2019               2020

Countries group 1 (and ex Group 2)             0.38                 0.42 Euros per member

Countries group 3                                          0.19                 0.21

Countries group 4                                          0.12                 0.13

The rates for the years 2021 and 2022 will be proposed by a working group end 2019 or early 2020 and submitted to the Steering Committee.


A World Day for Ascending Life International movements

Following the proposal made by the movement of Peru, the Assembly considered the possibility of Planning a day of the Life Ascending International common to all our countries.

This suggestion was unanimously approved And Among the various dates proposed, the one that was retained is the 1st October (which corresponds to the World Day of Elderly)

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