Testimonials of the day

Since the beginning of confinement in France, the French Christian Movement of  Retired (MCR) has published, daily on its site, a testimony of the life of one of its members


Despite the messages of friendship...

Let me not always share this optimism and this serenity to live this confinement. We, the old people, the only ones who have family but who no longer see it because the members are so afraid of transmitting us the virus … No one comes anymore: neither the housekeepers, nor the nurses, nor the family.

We are desperately alone, and it really makes you want to die because the days are really too long. Anxiety and depression are our daily lot despite all the messages of friendship received. My only opportunity is to walk, to be able to be in the countryside for 1 hour every day and to be able to speak with former students who are digging their garden. Morale rises after each walk.

My faith is not great because I may say to myself that "the Lord is with me until the end of time", I find that the end of time, at 86, is still far away ... too far. It seems that He still needs me on earth, but I find that what we experience is inhuman.

My 3 children call me every day to say "courage", my 7 grandchildren don't often think of me, my 3 great grandchildren yelled at me: "Happy Easter" but I would have liked to know how they passed their "confinement". Pray for all of us so that our faith may be maintained…




The same grandmother a little later ....


She said to me: I need you!

86 years old, still at home, sick since February 9 (I would have preferred to be in the hospital but my sons did not want: "you are going to catch a more serious illness than the one from which you currently suffer") and I have no one left to help me look after myself. So alone from morning to night, with temperature, sometimes not remembering if I had taken my medication ... Hence depression and anxiety, less appetite: I lost 4 kg in 10 days.

One day, the person in charge of the catechism calls me: "I need you". Unbelievable! Suddenly, it seemed to me that I was resurrected ... It was to sponsor three children who were preparing for the 1st communion. This required to introduce myself by computer giving my phone number and especially that I pray for these children.

What made me most happy was when I called 9 friends and 4 of them agreed to do the same in their respective villages... I participated in bringing intergenerational to life in our two parishes.

At 86 years old I realized that maybe I was still needed, and it gave back me the taste to live...