Historic of La Vie Montante (The National Ascending Life) in Canada


The history of La Vie Montante (LVM) in French speaking Canada began in 1971, 10 years after the birth of Life Ascending in France. It was not until 1990 that the movement was known in English speaking Canada.

On November 5, 1971,  encouraged by Bishop Gérard-Marie  Coderre,  Bishop of  St-Jean-sur-Richelieu  (now  St-Jean-Longueuil), Honoré Beauchamp, assisted by George Henri Ste-Marie, in charge of promotion and Aimé Boucher, treasurer, led the founding meeting of the movement. The first LVM parish meeting took place on December 8th in St-Antoine de Longueuil.

In April 1972, Mr. Ste-Marie participated in the International Congress in Poissy (France) during which he sought the help of Vie Montante France. From November 1972 LVM developed in other dioceses. There are meetings in East Angus, in the diocese of Sherbrooke, in Chandler (Gaspé). In St- Hyacinth, the movement is organized at the level of the diocese thanks to its Spiritual Adviser, Bishop Euchère Martel P.D.

Father François Sailler, omi, “delegate missionary” of Vie Montante France arrived at Canada in support of George-Henri Ste-Marie to work on the expansion of the movement.

La Vie Montante Nationale today in French speaking Canada

La Vie Montante Nationale is present in 23 dioceses, the number of groups has decreased significantly in the last two years due to lack of succession, and even more during the pandemic. Some of our members are very old, they are in nursing homes. They come out less and containment does not make things any easier. In some villages or cities, there is no place to hold our meetings and respect the instructions.

Priests are less numerous, there are groups that do not renew themselves and wait to see what will happen with COVID-19. When I went through the history of the movement and saw the speed with which it had grown at the time, I must say that I envy the founders and collaborators of1971-1972!

Congratulations! All our gratitude to Vie Montante France for its help!

Marielle Lord, President LVM Canada.