From the United Kingdom, welcome to 2021


We started 2020 with great enthusiasm as we prepared for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Ascent Movement, now Life Ascending, as the UK branch of VMI. All the plans that had been made, however, had to be put in abeyance when Covid 19 struck. All our groups closed and with the second lockdown, which did not end until December, few if any opened until the new year. So let us hope for better in 2021. Hope springs eternal!  but nothing is achieved without a lot of effort.

The Journal was produced and sent out at the end of November. It is a fine piece of work and was created under difficult conditions of lockdown and restrictions.

We start 2021 having written off almost all of 2020 and with a need to establish a recovery plan based on the last 40 years of achievements. Good communication at all levels is essential. I have discovered ZOOM. If we cannot meet, assemble or travel, we must find ways to get round the problems. The computer is a great tool but is not available to all. Any means of communication within our groups, between groups and associate members and at regional, national and international levels are to be recommended.

The one benefit that has come with the pandemic Is that I have been able to engage with daily Mass through the streaming of services from my Parish Church coupled with a mid-week, socially distanced, 

live attendance at Mass, leaving the weekend free for those who can only attend on Sunday. There is no disaster which cannot be put to some advantage.

Mike Palowkar
Life Ascending England