News from Peru

Communicated at the end of the year by the movement’s president, Orlando Cáceres, to the coordinator for Latin American countries

As the end of this year approaches, I would like to inform you of the few virtual activities carried out during this difficult situation that we are going through.

- During the months of May and June, we took the first steps to schedule a virtual meeting to try to improve our mindset. We gradually overcame the technical difficulties of taking control of the Zoom application, thanks to our children and grandchildren, and we entrusted the management of the calls to our coordinator Ms. Carmen Chueca, who is in control of the technical part.

- In July, I prepared thought-provoking topics from articles by Richard Carlson (American screenwriter), "Don't Drown in a Glass of Water," and from the collection "Wisdom for Personal Development."

I emailed the topics in advance and on Wednesdays we discussed them from 7pm, on topics such as: "Fill your life with affection," "Rejoice,"    "Attitude," "From what I learned, » etc.

- During the same month of July, the 29th, we celebrated the anniversary of our national independence, with the virtual participation of friends from Latin America.

- In August, we continued to study topics for reflection.

We attended a virtual retreat "Nothing bothers you, nothing scares you"  by the author: Padre Ignacio Larra-aga, for 4 days 1 hour a day.

- On September 5, we organized a conference with psychologist Dr. Graciela Gurronero, a member of a geriatric service, on the theme "Positive Attitude to Adverse Situations",  about 30 people participated.

On September 17, on the "Day of Love and Friendship" in Colombia, we shared the celebration of a very entertaining program highlighting this human value that unites us despite time and distance.

- In October, the 1st, we celebrated the International Day of Ascending Life, with celebration of the Holy Eucharist, and a celebration program that brought together members of our movement from Latin American countries.

- On December 16, we celebrated the Christmas and New Year festivities.

Congratulations to our member Mrs. Clélia Torino who received a donation of 40 Christmas bags.

On the 22nd of the same month, the presidents of our Latin American movement were invited to participate in sending a greeting to the brothers of Uruguay at the request of their Vice-President, Susana Tito.

Orlando Cáceres

In conclusion, the President recalled that virtual meetings with members of their movement were gradual and that various technical difficulties were gradually overcome.

The number of participants in the various programs and activities was increased through these means of diffusion and the personal invitation that was made to each member.

Finally, he suggests that the action and development plan planned for 2021 be sent to him, so that he can participate.

He reiterates his greetings for Christmas and for a good year 2021, in union with all relatives and all members of Ascending Life.