News from Uruguay


As a result of the pandemic, the 10  groups that were formed  in Uruguay were  unable to begin their activities  and should not be able to do so throughout  2021.

We have received news of the dissolution of some groups. Others can't use WhatsApp or Zoom apps,  only one group has met  via WhatsApp. This group held meetings from the beginning of the quarantine at the middle of the year until early December. Although it is probably the least economically dynamic group, it has continued to make its contribution to the life of the group and the Movement.

Uruguay has suffered a drastic increase in the number of cases of Covid 19, partly because of overconfidence and partly because of mismanagement of the pandemic by the government which, with a proud attitude, does not pay attention to its Minister of Health. He may  not have a very good ideology, but he is a good scientist. In the meantime, the government's actions are impoverishing us in a dizzying way. In 10 months, many people have lost their jobs and are out of wages. This affects workers, retired and pensioners.

This is about the economic aspect, not to mention other aspects.

For this reason, Life Ascending’s   meagre savings in Uruguay have decreased and it is not possible to collect contributions. We ask you to remit our dues for 2021  or to wait for an improvement in the situation. Two people have  the signature  to be able to withdraw money from the bank, one of them is dead and now we have   only one signature, so that is a problem. We only have $500 left.

The situation is really chaotic, but, thank God,  with the treasurer and a female member of Ascending Life  in  a parish of Montevideo we meet through  Zoom. They  support me and try to encourage me to continue to maintain the Movement.

I'm not complaining, I'm describing reality. We appreciate what we are learning and ask God to help us revitalize  the Movement after the crisis. Then everything will be different.

My brothers, we also pray for you, we know that you also share the suffering caused by this pandemic.

A great embrace in Our Lord. I wish you a year 2021 full of blessings. We love you,  

Susana Tito, Vice-President of the  Movement in Uruguay.