Report by the coordinator of Latin American countries


I have received little news from Latin American countries in this end of 2020, I guess it is all due to the same experience we had to experience, namely the pandemic that hit the whole world.

I inform you that, to date, only Peru has sent me its report of the year and that, despite the limitations, they have made progress in technology and have been able to meet virtually several times. Congratulations!

As a member of the movement in Argentina, I can say that very little has been done in my country. Older people, knowing that we are the most vulnerable and that we are most at risk, do not dare to move. Therefore, for a long time we did not have face-to-face meetings, nor eucharistic celebrations.

Thanks to the initiative of Stella Maris Sosa, which many of you know, since September we have had meetings via the Zoom app, during which people from different dioceses of the country met on Saturday afternoon, shared their experiences and exchanged on the problems related to the Movement. It was really very positive because it brought us a lot closer together. One of the topics discussed was Pope Francis' latest encyclical "Fratelli Tutti".

I received news from Uruguay: the officials told me that the Movement had virtually no activity. We also thank Goyita (from Peru) for all the messages she sends us throughout the year, which always please our hearts.

We stay in touch with Orlando from Peru, Jairo from Colombia and Jaime Tamarit from Spain via WhatsApp and with Susana Tito and Raquel Pérez Espinoza from Uruguay via Facebook.

In the southern hemisphere, summer has begun so we are now on holiday.

The forecasts for the coming year are not particularly good, but we know that for God there is nothing impossible; I therefore propose to pray with greater fervour, so that the Lord may hear our prayers and eradicate from the surface of the earth this virus, which has already done so much damage.