Dear friends of LAI, in Africa, in Latin America, in Asia, in Australia, in Canada, in Europe, I greet you very friendly on this monthly appointment listed on your calendar.

These few lines are for me an opportunity to tell you again the importance of this appointment to get to know us better, work better together and make live LAI, as I wrote in the editorial of the previous newsletter that I invite you to reread. 

Currently, I just want to remind you, once again, that it is necessary for the content of this newsletter to be fed, in addition to articles of spiritual reflection, by what you live locally: tell us about your initiatives, your experiences, we look forward to them with great interest.

This newsletter is a way of forming a living and active community of Christian friends, witnesses of the Gospel, ready to give an account of Christ's message of love through our concrete commitment, to the elders and our families, in society and in the Church.

Beautiful road to Easter light.                                                 

The President of the LAI

Monique Bodhuin


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