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Life Ascending International in Uganda

In order to prepare for the 2023 international meeting, a steering committee had long been planned in Kampala (Uganda) in October 2022 with a year of delay due to the pandemic.

This project for the organization of the steering committee could not succeed due to certain difficulties; we thank Margaret Mugeni, President of VM Uganda, Father Gregory Mashtaki, Spiritual Advisor for Anglophone Africa and the Ascending Life Uganda team for the beautiful preparatory work of organization they have done.

In view of this situation, the LAI Executive Committee, at one of its meetings, decided that its members who could travel would respond to the warm invitation of ugandans. This is how the president of LAI, Monique Bodhuin, the ecclesiastical assistant, Mgr François Maupu and the vice-president, Jaime Tamarit will make the trip to Uganda from 11 to 16 October.

The very dense and interesting programme that had been prepared by Margaret has been lightened, but the planned meetings with the ecclesiastical authorities and members of the country's parliament who responded favourably to the proposed visit have been maintained. A number of preparatory work meetings for the 2023 international meeting have also been scheduled with the members present (a delegation from Tanzania is announced); a videoconference with the members of the Steering Committee is planned.

Ugandans will be keen to introduce their guests to a number of places that are particularly dear to them, in particular the site commemorating the death of the Ugandan Martyrs, presented in an article in this newsletter.

A detailed account of this visit, which all participants are waiting for with great joy, will be reported at the end of the trip, in a future newsletter.

Monika Ptak