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1)- Aging of members

2)- Difficulty in finding new members

3)- Pandemic. Two years offline

4)- Young people are not interested

5)- disconnection of groups, not just in the same place,

       but with the different cities and with the different countries.


  1. As for the first one, it makes sense. Health was deteriorating, and the family occupied the part previously occupied by the group.
  2. We have probably noticed this clearly in our country, insecurity and few expectations about the future.
  3. The pandemic years have resulted in disconnection, lack of interest, in dealing with other things, literature, art, not to mention religion.
  4. A feminist movement that is happening all over the world, «women's empowerment," as it has been called, and our groups are usually made up of women.
  5. Unfortunately, many of our seniors have not had the opportunity to learn about new technologies, hence the disconnection.

Syra Gonzalez

Ana María Avendaño (Diocesan Coordinator) Villa de la Concepción del Rio Cuarto