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The Together project

I wanted Life Ascending International (LAI) to be involved in The Together project; what is it about?

Brother Aloïs, prior of the Taizé Community* in France, has proposed that an ecumenical prayer vigil be held in Rome during the Roman phase of the synod at the end of September to entrust to the Lord the assembly of bishops and the future of the Church. More broadly, Brother Aloïs hopes that young people from all over the world will join those who will be in Rome for this time of prayer.

I proposed to Brother Aloïs that in each diocese, in each parish, in the countries where VM is present, a time of prayer be organised where young people and elders would meet in union with the young people present in Rome.

In order to carry out this action, I invite the national leaders (president and chaplain) to spread the information in their country**, then, in each diocese the local LA leaders will have to get in touch with the youth ministry service to propose and organise this time of prayer. I invite all those involved to take into account, if possible, the ecumenical dimension of the event; it is up to each person to see what can be done according to the local context.

I have a dream… I dream of a great chain of prayers which, in the same fervour, would make the prayers of the young and the old rise to heaven for the opening of the synod and the hope that comes from it.

Monique Bodhuin

PS : * Taizé is an ecumenical community, located in Franche Comté (central eastern France), which welcomes young people of all religions or in search of a more or less long time of community life and prayer; the founder was Brother Roger.

         ** Here is a link to more detailed information on Together: