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The Birth of Jesus is a Source of Hope

To carry out their existence on earth, human beings always face challenges. These challenges are varied. They are of greater or lesser importance. They can be accentuated according to cultures and times. At the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, we see many scandals that harm God's creation! Men and women and children do not have enough to eat, shelter, or take care of themselves... others suffer from the atrocities of war, violence, injustice...

How can we fail to recall respect for human dignity, respect for freedom, respect for nature, respect for all of God's creation!

There is no question of holding a moralistic discourse, condemning without remission some of our own. The urgency is at a time when we are becoming aware of our personal and collective responsibility, and this belongs to the mission of the Church. Pope Francis is working hard to do so. God created this world so that each of us could find our place in it and be recognized.

At the beginning of the 4th Eucharistic Prayer: "Most Holy Father, we proclaim that you are great and that you have done all things with wisdom and love, you have created man in your own image and entrusted the universe to him..."

At Christmas, God shows how much HE LOVES, He entrusts us with His Son who comes to live among us thanks to Mary's cooperation. A man, Joseph, joined her to carry out this plan of God. Both trust in the Word of God transmitted by the Angels, in the messages they transmit, Mary and Joseph entrust themselves to the Holy Spirit to carry out the mission that they freely accept.

Let us not wait for others to open themselves to this same Holy Spirit. Let us wake up and remain vigilant to let the Spirit of God permeate our personal and collective lives. Let us joyfully welcome the coming of the Savior. He strengthens us in hope. God's time is not the time of men! With God another world is possible, it is up to us to act with Him.  CHRISTMAS gives us the joy of continuing our journey with perseverance.



Ecclesiastical Assistant of Life Ascending International