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Historical account of Argentina, sent by Mrs. Susell de Marco.


Starting from the last message of Father Osvaldo Montferrand as continental spiritual advisor, the Movement has continued to participate in the various events organized in our country, as well as in other countries of the Southern Cone and in the world.

In 2014, Ms Syra Gonzales, (National Coordinator) accompanied by Ms Ana María Avendaño, participated in the 8th International Assembly in Namur, Belgium.

In 2016, with Ms. Syra Gonzales, we were also part of a Regional Assembly, in the city of Montevideo. Uruguay

Several people from our country also visited Colombia in 2017, where a Regional Assembly was held.

In 2018, Father Edgar Cattana and I Susana, we went to the Dominican Republic in the city of Santo Domingo, where we participated in the 9th International Assembly; it was at this meeting that I was elected and am still currently the Continental Coordinator for South America.

In 2020, together with our National Coordinator, Mrs. Maria Teresa Schiro, we went to Italy to participate in the 1st Congress on the Pastoral Care of the Elderly and the Elderly "The Wealth of Many Years" held in the city of Rome. After the Congress, we had a meeting with the Executive Committee in the city of Rome.

And now we are preparing, with great enthusiasm and hope, to participate in the10th International Assembly, which will be held in the city of Madrid, capital of Spain.

We are all driven by a great desire to participate, but unfortunately, our country, like other Latin American countries, is going through a very difficult economic period, and this is an obstacle to the realization of our wish.

With this report I finish the historical account of our country, without a doubt, several data are missing, but I hope that this will serve to know a little more about the history of the Ascendant Vida Movement in Argentina.

Susana Zonni from Echenique