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Anne et Joachim


Dear friends of Life Ascending:

It is a with a great joy that,  on July 26th, we celebrate the feast of St. Joachim and St. Anne, the grandparents of Jesus.

For all of us who have the grace to be grandparents, this is a very important date to meet and celebrate together this beautiful event in our lives.

It is said that we are often responsible for passing on the faith to our grandchildren. And that's very true.

But today more than ever, we grandparents have a very important role to play within the family, since children, because of their professional duties, take charge, confident in our responsibility.

There are, without a doubt, moments of joy and jubilance for us, where we feel young and full of energy again.

May Saint Joachim and Sainte Anne intercede before God for all grandparents, but especially for those who are now part of this beautiful movement, which has allowed us to learn from ourselves to know and enjoy this stage of our lives.

To be for many like a little treasure that the new generations should enjoy.

Have a "Very Happy Day, Dear Grandparents of Ascending Life"

Receive all my love and many blessings.

Susana Beatriz Zonni Echenique, Coordinator LAI for Latin America


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