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News from South America


Dear friends,

After two long months without news, I get back in touch with all of you.

I wish with all my heart that you and all the teams that make up the Community to which you belong are healthy. It is quite difficult to live this quarantine which, for so many days, has kept us, especially the elderly, at home, with little to do. But we must not lose confidence and hope that all this ends well.

I believe that this pandemic has made us think seriously about our human fragility, and this has increased in us the need for prayer, especially for our own health and for the sick of Covid-19, which has affected so many of our countries. The situation we are living has made it possible to discover a very close neighbour whom we did not know before and today we feel more united with our most needy brothers.

With other people I devote myself to knitting work to make blankets. Other teams give food to those in need. In recent weeks we have started virtual meetings. It's very nice and moving to see each other after so long and to realize how much we missed it. We begin the meeting with the prayer of Ascending Life, we read the Gospel of the day and we meditate. Then we discuss the topic chosen for this meeting. It cheered us up and we are sincerely very happy to grow up in FRIENDSHIP.

Beyond that, we all know that there is no activity within our teams but I would be very happy to hear from you, know how you are doing, if you are doing another activity, how you have experienced this pandemic and everything you would like to share with me.

Dear friends, I pray to God that we will be able to see us again soon, to meet and embrace us with the joy of knowing that we are children of God.


LAI Coordinator for South America