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Uganda joins  the large Family of Life Ascending International

LAI's international meeting in Santo Domingo in November 2018, attended by observers Margaret Atim Mugeni Winifred and Charles Atim from Uganda, played a key role in supporting their efforts to create a pensioners and older people association in their country.

The Continental Spiritual Advisor for English-speaking Africa, Father Gregory Mashtaki of Tanzania, was invited to support the Ugandan team in its dealings with the country's Catholic authorities.

Meetings were held with various members of the Catholic Church: Bishop Emeritus Mathias Ssekamanya, Bishop of  Lugazi  (diocese of Margaret and Charles) and Secretary General of the Conference of Ugandan Bishops  who have expressed interest in this project to create an association. A favourable opinion was given subject, for the registration of the movement, that it be represented in nine dioceses.

On the basis of these positive responses and on the advice of the Continental Spiritual Adviser it seemed important to organize an awareness session for 45 people with five people from each of the nine dioceses, including three the elderly (including one woman), the Diocesan Delegate for the laity and the diocesan Director of pastoral care. This sensitization  session was the first brought to the creation project of the association.

The session took place from 25 to 27 August with various workshops with the following themes:

  • history and expectations of ACME (Ugandan Association)
  • situation of the elderly in Uganda (social, physical, spiritual)
  • the gift of the years /the faith of age
  • Obstacles to deepening faith
  • A healthy life
  • Tanzania's experience
  • Christian mission of the elders
  • Planning

The birth of a Ugandan movement took place on October 4, 2019, during a meeting in Uganda between Tanzanians and Ugandans on a pilgrimage to Namugongo, where 22 Ugandans were martyred in 1885 because of their Christian faith.

We wish LAI Uganda a long life.

Page prepared by Monika Ptak